Sep 1, 2005

Chain letters

" Sorry, but because u opened this you will die in 3days. sorry. the only way you can reverse this is by reposting it within 5 minutes. good luck By opening this chain mail u have been given bad luck for 2 months. If u repost this message then the bad luck will turn good. Here are the rules.
1)Give the bulletin a name that has nothing to do with a chain letter because this letter is a trap. The more people that you trick, the better luck. "

This was the first bulletin i read today in friendster. It's not the first time i've thought about this, but I'm finally putting thought to this.

It's like there are stupid people in the world who pass/create chain letters and you know, whatever happens aftewards.
I've decided to be one of the stupid people in the world and attempt to create a chain letter.
Something logical, a test kind of thing maybe. Not the typical chain letter you see everyday.
Any ideas?

the link for the fish game mui yit!! :D

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