Aug 9, 2005

Delayed Post

This was meant for yesterday (Monday night. Or was it Tuesday morning?)

I was happily filing my nails and I was thinking about Roberta's blog. And then I thought about how she screwed the robbers. *Foul language's been getting to me recently*
One thing led to another -- I thought about how XiaXue screws people using 'fuck'.
And God knows why and how, I remmebered an incident that pisses me off till this very day. *edit : I don't feel so pissed anymore :) Yay! *

I think it was in 2003, when the government or some department organized this CNY Open House in Padang Timur and we were assigned to hold not-so-good-looking flower-umbrella thingys. I wore black jeans and a yellow T.

Basically after the event, we (the gang) went to Amcorp to jalan-jalan. Then we decided to go to A&W or maybe see Andy Lau perform. We were crossing the road and just as we were reachign the other end, some Malay guy grabbed my ass. (More like pinch. *thinks* I don't know lar. Forget liao.)

I was like:" WTF?!" I turned back to see who the scum was and obviously wouldn't know who he was duh. Well probably my ass' just big. *Don't stare at my ass when you see me lar k* But who the hell is he to grab my ass?!

Never did like men! Nope! Pathetic assholes! They're all fucking perverts! (Not the nice nice men I know ok..)

But wait, I'm supposed to be flattered/honoured that someone would actually grab my ass you, the invisible reader say. (Identified readers won't say that because they'll show concern. (Ha! I read your mind didn't I.) Ok, that was stupid.

That thought once crossed my mind though. Like a minute ago. But NO! I'm not his toy. (I would use 'sex toy' here. Not entirely appropriate but just because it sounds better.)
Go grab his mama's ass la if he's gonna satisfy his needs or he can go suck his own dick. (If he can reach it *smirks*)

Reading XiaXue's archives thought me one thing. As a woman, wait, I prefer 'girl'. As a girl, I should stand up for myself and never let any harm come to myself or any other girl. And screw men. They're all shit.

If you've read the papers like last week or the week before last week, there was this man grabbing a girl's ass in a shop or something. And then the girl and a her friend kicked that scum's ass. Not to mention dragged him to the PD.

That moron should rot in hell and his face shall be covered in uber big ulcers and he shall have his crotched KO-ed every single day.
As for the fucker who grabbed me, he shall be hung by his ankles with jut, and we'll set up a Dunkin' Station and let girls throw golf balls at him. Or better still, shoot paintballs. Then I'll get porcupines and roll them on him till he bleeds to death.
*The evil side of me has finally emerged!*

Hmm, it's weird to see how I've changed. I used to be a goodie-goodie. I never used to say 'fuck'. I didn't know lots of vulgarities. I freak over exams and studies. Now, Im just this bitch who says 'fuck' every now and then (under certain circumstances lar k) and don't really give a shit about my studies that much anymore. Is this really who I am or am I trying to be someone else? To make myself feel better, I'll just say it's really who I am inside.

Damn, I've been procrastinating for the whole year. I've got to do something. But I know I won't cause by the time I remember that I'm supposed to be studying, I'll jsut procrastinate somemore. Oi... *sigh*


Jasonmumbles said...

That's a very BIGGGGGGGGGGGG change style of blogging.

sleepycarrot said...

Wow. Hmm...


Some of them just can't control their hormones, can they?

But come to think of it, it's their pride to lose. Their the weaker gender. They can't control themselves. It's obvious in too many cases.

Anyway, chill a lil. You may be burning in a mental hell, but he'll be burning in a lifetime hell. ^.^

kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

wei wei.... trying to be xiao xue issit?...

cheahwey said...

not trying to be XiaXue la..
just so happened i was happily filing my nails and then one thing led to another and so on lor...