Jul 31, 2005

*Blur* wah so late liao ar?

Ok I should really be in bed now and my eyes are deteriorating..

I've been reading XiaXue's blog for the past 3 hrs and damn her posts are long...*I started from her first post in her archives mind you*...
There was one post about her microwaving a cockroach to death which is absolutely hillarious! (03 Archives)

And just today, I got the add for Roberta's blog.
(Did you know there's a Pro-Snowboarder called Roberta Rogers?)

I was supposed to send a classical recording of Nobody's Home & Don't Tell Me to K Shiuh like the day before yesterday and I forgot.... *sorry ar*...
And then he reminded me. So i was gonna send it to him and then i realized. I sucked in those recording...and didnt want to send it to him.
1) i sucked and still suck, why give him an excuse to poke fun at me?
2) i have my pride... *damn well i do*
3) cant think, its late...my brain's half asleep

Well, I didn't know why I said:"maybe I'll put it up on my blog."...
Which gives people the opportunity to poke me in my stomach and say:"haha, why u so lousy wan...My grandmother can do better!"

Despite all that, I'm still gonna put it up since I'm learning to be a better person. :)
*gasps* I was waiting for the browser to direct me to my file manager at FreeWebs but the page didn't change and I pressed Login again and it said "Please wait...". The nerve!
Screw FreeWebs, I'll use good ol' Geocities.

I feel the need to explain my lack of skills in those 2 songs.

For Nobody's Home, I did the intro with a plectrum and not with my fingers which I usually do.
As for why I used the plectrum when I could do it better with my fingers is because I wanted to have the plectrum sound effect and not the blunt sound that comes out with fingers when I strum. So dilemma lor...

Don't Tell Me is because my fingers/wrist were tired. I have yet to train my endurance/strength of my fingers/wrist.

While I wait for Geocities to upload my file, let me digress to something else I'd like to complain about.
For the whole night, I've been mysteriously disconnected from MSN while chatting with someone. It was like an intense convo too, mind you, but was cut off by the intolerable disconnection. How anti-climatic...
Its was basically like the whole of MSN was shut down. I couldn't even access Hotmail.
Stupid MSN!

And while at Roberta's blog, I feel it's safe to conclude that Scouts after stepping down, tend to say the word 'fuck' or vulgarity alike...eventually.
It's understandable that she curses the robbers but I'm really impressed with the language or more precisely, the terms she used. If I was going to curse someone, I probably had use something not so up-to-standard when scolding despicable scums like those robbers.
There was the post after her robbery post that she was worried about her family. Me almost cried reading it, felt those tears almost coming down... So touching. *sniff*

Oh spent like 3 hours making the troop's page (more like COH and Junior PLs and APLs) with Chui Teng and then we were told to have the troop's photo included or we'll have to pay RM30 each for a stupid page in the school mag. Stupid Choo Yang...can never ever tell us something earlier one ar.

Aiyah, I forgot I was supposed to remind/ask my mum to buy the guitar today (Sunday) hor...
She's asleep liao tim... Today morning too short notice tim...

Geocities failed me...WTH?
Files cannot be uploaded today. Perhaps I'll try again in a few hours.

Have you ever met someone uber pessimistic? *uber might be too strong a word tho*
That's so sad... If you meet someone like that, you should probaby help 'em out.

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sleepycarrot said...

Did I just fart? Erh...

Xia xue rawkz!

Her entries are incredibly creatively posted with a sense of style. Her posts long ah? Sheesh... I'll beat her to that!

Thou shall not generalize...

Hahaha... I don't normally use a lot of colourful language. In fact, I don't! It's only at certain moments like those, I tend to go a lil whacko. So don't generalize that any ex-scouts or former school-goers tend to use more foul languages. During our school years, the words came out drastically behind dear juniors' backs. ("p)

Imma proud to be a Roberta

Oh. And if you were to enter Jusco in Mid Valley through one of the entrances (the one on the MPH side, I think), you'll notice that there's a shoe designer named Roberta god-knows-what. Hoohoohoo... Looks like Roberta is a common name afterall...

Lalala. Interesting blog. ^.^