Jun 24, 2005

Open Day *phew*

i figured out why i liked open day. probably its cuz we dont have to study and everything just feels so nice. yeah thats it, no particular reason why i like open day. oh and i get to see ppls' mum and dad too. like chia li's mum, she kinda cute ya know.

this term, i'd say i did ok since my mum said so :grins:
BTW, mama tan couldnt find my results slip so like i dont know nuts about my results.
*showing off* mama tan said nothing but good things about me... buahahahah... ok.... im chillin.
just that pn.lim said i had to improve on my add maths.

plus some ppl in my class dont deserve to get the results they got cuz they ya know .. *cough* cheated *cough*

oh and i'll be going to 1u tonight... chea teing broke her glasses. so we'll visit good ol' phoebe. she's the nicest optician ive ever met. sweet.

at bandaids, a girl from england called chloe wrote a story bout avril and deryck. its so nice. av's gotten married to deryck and they have 2 girls, jaime and madison. so to spread the love, im providing a link (for now) if u wanna read it. in the meantime, im gonna ask the author for approval to post it here. cuz its kinda messy in the forums cuz ppl there just drool over the story :)

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kaeshiuh.a.K.a yOuKishi said...

heyz..cheahwey i got one nice song for u http://www.freewebtown.com/youkishi/renamed_LMaCnox%20BLEACH%203rd%20Ending-%20HOUKIBOSHI%20Radio-Rip.mp3 ^^tell u her song ish something like avril's type