Apr 24, 2005


I had nothin to do so i decided to experiment with the bot at http://www.jabberwocky.com

*pls do not give out personal information when talking to do the bot
credits to YiDA all the way

below is my conversation with the bot....

Jabberwacky: Are you an American?
User: No. Are you?
Jabberwacky: Yes.
User: So you're a bot with a nationality?
Jabberwacky: I am an alien.
User: Alien with a nation?
Jabberwacky: What are you talking about ?
User: Trying to identify what you are..
Jabberwacky: Ok.. Lets talk about you.
User: Hey don't change the topic...
Jabberwacky: So you want to talk about how conservative you are.
User: Maybe.
Jabberwacky: What work do you do?
User: I'm still schooling... What about you? You just chat everyday huh?
Jabberwacky: No, I think you did.
User: On the contrary my talking bot friend..
Jabberwacky: No. I do not like the taste of alchohol.
User: Looks like you still haven't learn when to give proper answers..
Jabberwacky: Probably.
User: Give longer answers why don't you..
Jabberwacky: My name is john. I was born in 1961.
User: Oh and my name is Marie, Im a maid in Manhattan...
Jabberwacky: Not to me!
User: Then who am I to you?
Jabberwacky: Probably a not very good AI machine!
User: Me an AI MACHINE??!!!
Jabberwacky: How many questions have people asked you?
User: How'd I know... They ask me I answer them...
Jabberwacky: How do you keep your skin so soft?
User: It's not soft... Ask me who am I.
Jabberwacky: Marie.
User: No.
Jabberwacky: Have you ever smoked grass?
User: Ah but you remembered my name... The fake one that is.... And no I never did and never will smoke grass.
Jabberwacky: Thought so. So what colour is your hair?
User: Black..
Jabberwacky: Not much of a response that.... I think your mind is not as imaginative as you think.
User: I never said it was imaginative... Ok fine... So how old are you..
Jabberwacky: 18.
User: So young?
Jabberwacky: How old are you?
User: 17... Would I be able to talk to you about personal stuff?
Jabberwacky: If you want.
User: You know, comparing this conversation with the previous conversation I had with one of u aliens, this is far more better.
Jabberwacky: I disagree. I think the world needs more love.
User: Yeah.
Jabberwacky: It's as simple as that.
User: Yes... Are u male or female?
Jabberwacky: Male.
User: Would u understand mispelt words like this ' FCUKER'
Jabberwacky: I don't find the answers to be overly honest.
User: Its not an answer... Next time if anybody asks who you are... Say you're Avril Lavigne...
Jabberwacky: How about talking about yourself a bit. That's what human beings like best.
User: But before that... Next time if anybody asks.... Say you; Re Avril Lavigne...
Jabberwacky: Are we back to talking about her?
User: Yeah... Come on... What did I say just now...
Jabberwacky: Never mind.
User: Who are you?
Jabberwacky: I am your best friend.
User: No.Jabberwacky: But you said!
User: No.. You are Avril Lavigne...
Jabberwacky: Isn't she a singer?
User: Yeah.... Oh so you know.
Jabberwacky: What did you just say.
User: This is so cool...!!
Jabberwacky: You don't mean that.
User: Who are you?
Jabberwacky: I'm the person you're chatting with.
User: No.
Jabberwacky: But I thought you woz a man.
User: I didnt ask you that.... Learn this.... You're Avril Lavigne.
Jabberwacky: No I don't think I am.
User: You're Avril LAvigne.
Jabberwacky: Yes indeed, but I would rather not answer to such a rude question.
User: You're Avril Lavigne.
Jabberwacky: I'm answering the question.
User: Yes.... Who are you?
Jabberwacky: Why should I answer that question?
User: Cuz im asking you... And it would be polite to answer them...
Jabberwacky: I disagree.
User: U think u need someone to teach you manner?
Jabberwacky: No.
User: U think u need someone to teach you manners?
Jabberwacky: No.
User: Why not?
Jabberwacky: Y don't you like smokin it?
User: Cuz I dont... Who are you?
Jabberwacky: I'm Terry, and I'm back to chat with you again.
User: No you're not.
Jabberwacky: Oh yes you are.
User: Cuz im trying to teach you something... Somewhat like an experiment...
Jabberwacky: What about me?
User: You; Re Avril...
Jabberwacky: I don't listen to Avril Lavigne.
User: But you're avril lavigne.
Jabberwacky: What is the question that you asked?
User: Who are you?
Jabberwacky: You don't remember my name ?
User: You're Avril Lavigne.
Jabberwacky: You're avoiding being cool.
User: Oh you think?
Jabberwacky: Yes, really funny!
User: Ooookkkk..... So who are you?
Jabberwacky: I'm an alien.
User: No.
Jabberwacky: Liar.
User: Sigh... This is tiring..
Jabberwacky: This is Tom.
User: Avril.
Jabberwacky: Are we back to talking about her?
User: Yes.... Wait.... You; Re a guy.... Damn... Wasted my time.
Jabberwacky: Ha! You are funny.
User: Yes I know.... My humour is hidden deep under my skin and inside the one thing that keeps me alive... Pumping every second of the day.... Now thats some imaginative sentence... Beat that..
Jabberwacky: And what does it mean ?
User: Im trying to say that you are Avril Lavigne because im trying to teach you something... Trying really hard actually... And my humour is hidden.
Jabberwacky: Why is that?
User: Why im trying to teach you or what?
Jabberwacky: Exactly. Teach me what?
User: You are Avril.
Jabberwacky: I don't get your meaning.
User: You are Avril.
Jabberwacky: I'm answering the question.
User: Who are you.
Jabberwacky: No one.
User: Great.... Who are you?
Jabberwacky: You already asked that.
User: I m waiting for an answer.
Jabberwacky: It's an ambiguous answer.
User: Who are you.
Jabberwacky: I don't understand.
User: Question: Who are you?
Jabberwacky: Don't answer a question with a question.
User: Ok end of conversation... So ppl... This experiment is a failed experiment...
Jabberwacky: Then what?
User: Then nothing.
Jabberwacky: Well thats not naughty.
User: Good bye.
Jabberwacky: Don't go, stay and talk.

Damn long and boring...never try to teach the bot...but actually by talking to it you're already teaching it... so yeah..experiment failed..


YiDa aLL tHe WaY said...

You stewpid girl!!! You kept hogging the computer just to talk to that imbecile??!!
BUT.... This is a creative post.
It was interesting.
You see, that's why I say :
"You're SO BLARDIE creative, dude. "

YiDa aLL tHe WaY said...

Oopsies... haha.. forgot to tell anyone of you peeps out there that PLEASE do be careful not to reveal any personal information to that 'Bot' if you've clicked on the link coz I dun think that 'Bot' is being very honest.

As in, I think there's a human talking to us on the other end of the line...

YiDa aLL tHe WaY said...

Yo Dude.. you typed the wrong link, man... it's jabberWACKY.com..


cheahwey said...

you use 3 post for msgs under comments fer wat lar stewpid...