Apr 25, 2005


Why are men known to be superior than women?
It's like this universal rule stating that the male species if i may say so, are superior, as i said, than the female species.
*should it be human species or can i say "male species"?...oh nevermind, i'll look it up later.*

I mean, have you ever thought "Why"??
Im not just talking about the society we have now, which, compared to the society centuries ago has made vast improvement. We still have some inequality in our society. Damn those sexists...

Is it that men are more physically capable than women that they're superior?
Or is it men were mostly inventors and women weren't?
Human beings were once bimbos and when Eve ate that fruit only knowledge or common sense or humility or whatever started coming to her probably once small/huge brain...if my memory serves me right.

Look at the lions. The lion is known as the "King of the Jungle" because all he has to do is sit there and roar every 10 minutes or so and he waits for food to be served. Who serves him? The lionesses do. They are the hunters, they are the heart of the colony. The lion is there to protect the colony. One point proven for the fact of physical ability. Other than that, he seems quite useless. This can be linked with some men nowadays who just go to work and just sits at home and do nothing, like help with the house chores or something. Also another point, the lionesses accept the lion because he protects them from danger. Not just themselves but their cubs. This is a mother's love for her child, as would any mother sacrifice for her child.

And what's with the thing that guys can have several wifes?
Islam allows 4, then I really don't know. Not all religions allow that but there still exists a fact that men do marry more than one woman when a relationship is still in progress. Things have to be monogamous. Thankfully this isn't a problem with today's society. Only if the relationship is intruded by a third party then there's a problem. Common sense.

Whatever the thing is that brought to the status of men being higher than of the women, things are gradually changing through time. Soon, equality will be thoroughly..... equal. But according to one of the channels in Astro (NG, DC or AP) Mr. Thong said, the Y chromosome is showing a declining rate, which means, according to the theory, males will gradually become more feminine and soon after they will become extinct. Hurray for X chromosomes!! Kidding lar..

Aiyo...10pm liao..so fast. Haven't do homework yet..Cheerio...


cheahwey said...

o mi god...im like a sexist...!!

YiDa aLL tHe WaY said...

What are you doing posting a comment for yourself.. first one somemore.. hahhahahah.. damn bored now..

Anonymous said...

maybe its coz women are superior (dam you get to further the species,) but to make things balanced men have to feel special about something otherwise we whither up.

Anonymous said...

i think we should totally be focused and be more open to say that the real thing in the real life is that WOMEN ARE SUPERIOR THAN MEN!!!! yess inded!!!! }8p~