Mar 19, 2005


Once a Heaven,
now a wreck.
Abuser of emotions,
victorious attacks.

1000ft in depth,
numbness presides.
Walking the path,
of furious tides.

Decaying Corpses,
no sight for sore eyes.
Sombre faces,
with soughing cries.


YiDa aLL tHe WaY said...

ermm... first, I'd like to puji you for your remarkable little poem... Well, at least I feel that it's remarkable. Second, .... hmmm..there's no second... ooo.. wait, there is.. Which is please try to reduce the chances of you & Sean arguing.. PLEASE ...

Jasonmumbles said...

Funny, to see sister giving comment in another sister's blog. :P Apparently, Chea Hwey is more lazy to blog hor! Anyway, yeah, please try to reduce the noise, although you have to put down your face/maruah/pride or anything. :) It helps sometimes. After a while, he might feel like a barbarian for shouting/fighting for no reasons. :)