Feb 12, 2005

Aunts & Uncles of the Ker Family. Mostly Aunts

There's this tradition in the Ker family where the children and toddlers (not including teenagers) are required to give their aunts and uncles hugs, cuddles and kisses.

I myself have been through it but what's left are ambiguous memories.
When my cousins greet my aunts and uncs, they all have the same here-we-go-again looks on their faces. It's like they were forced to do it. When they greet the elders, they don't look at their faces, not to mention, eyes. They tend to look somewhere else and say:"Hello Dai Gu Ma..."

There's one cousin who's very popular amongst my aunts and uncs. His name is Stephen, better known as Step-Hen for the aunts. From my point of view, he's kind of intimidated by my aunts. I have an aunt who kisses him to put a lip-print on his face (my mum and aunts are really playful). To the third party, it's funny (It is). But I look at him and he's all (-_-") , wot's that word, I don't know how to describe it.

I have a wittle cousin called Sze Man (actually I'm not sure if thats the correct spelling) and she's really cute and beautiful and stuff. All thanks to her mum I think. The brother looks like his father and I don't know what I'm gonna say so watever.

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