Feb 26, 2015

That need to complete a profile

It's only Wednesday and I'm already lacking sleep, so what the heck am I doing updating my LinkedIn profile till 12am when I have more important things to do like finally get some rest??!

Yep, I've got my priorities straight.

I have no memory of why I opened a LinkedIn page tonight.

Jul 12, 2014

as cliched and pubescent as this sounds, i don't think the people i've lived with my whole life really accepts me for who i am.

perhaps, distance, would put a stop to all the drama.

maybe my brother's got it right. he still lives in the house but he holes himself up whenever he's home.

minimal contact = minimal drama.

Mar 20, 2013

You ask me what I left on the table. Then you mention a box. I don't understand where the box even fits in to our conversation. "I didn't see no box..."

Then you repeat the same thing over and over again; "the box...(what box?!)... the box!!" and expect me to suddenly understand what it is you're saying.

You're not insane. You're just a big fucking moron.

Use your god damn words.

Oct 24, 2012

#52: Here's another thought

I think I check myself out in the mirror so often is because I don't trust people to tell me if something's wrong with my appearance.

They tend not to tell you that you hair's out of place or that you have something in your teeth because they're too polite.
(Yes, I've done it too.)

Not everyone's your best friend, right?

Sep 23, 2012

#51: Just a thought

The great thing about project management is that you manage your own time. More often than not, as I have observed, your time is dictated by everyone and everything else but yourself. If you let this happen, you kind of close yourself off to exploring new things.

"Hey, let's try something new"
"I can't. I don't have the time."

But if you're in a position where your role affords you the autonomy, the breathing space makes it easier. Your disposition will already be different; you won't dread coming to work.

"What shall I explore today so that this can be better?"

I'm not saying you need to have control of your own time to be able to be happy i'm just saying it makes it easier. It's a state of mind.

You have to look for happiness, it doesn't look for you.

May 22, 2012

#50: Graduation. Again. Not really.

So... I didn't schedule myself to attend this "graduation" because I really couldn't be bothered. But circumstances changed and I am now going to put on a suit, walk on stage, smile, get my picture taken and stuff.

I didn't even do this for my university graduation and now I have to do this?! I'm a bit peeved.

Looking at the programme flow together with the special note to "graduates", I'm perplexed and feeling rebellious. We're told to arrive at 7.30am for registration when the VIPs are only arriving at 10am.

Right... I'll be arriving at 9am as stated in the programme, thanks.
Unless they've got only one counter for registration of 200+ or less people (cause let's face it, not everyone is attending this shindig), graduates don't have to arrive a whole two and a half hours earlier.

Actually, since my boss is scheduled to arrive at 10am, I should totally carpool with him to the venue.
Think of the environment, you twits!

May 20, 2012

#49: Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh

Their siew mai was very good... infused with the fragrance and taste of pork.

Apparently the owners of the place come down everyday to tend to customers.

The Lady Boss is a grumpy-looking old lady who speaks quickly in short sentences but with awesome customer service . (She's a walking contradiction, I know.)
She refills our tea, packs our food to go, clears the table, etc.

She asks my friend in Canto, "要什么?!“ (What do you need?!)

Friend: "我要纸袋打包" (I want to tapao our food...)
**that place is self-service oriented so you had to get the doggie bags yourself)

Lady Boss: "不用。我帮你。".(No need. I'll do it for you)

Friend: "什么?“ (I'm sorry, I can't hear you)

Lady Boss' Staff: "我的事头婆会帮你“ (My Boss will pack it for you)

Lady Boss: "不要酱讲“ (Don't say that.)
**for referring to her as his Boss

Address & Contact:
Db12 Jalan Dato Tahwil Azhar 30300 Ipoh, Malaysia